Alfred V. Studio Vision



Alfred V. Studio Vision

The vision of Alfred V. Studio is to become a top provider of games, gamification and game-based marketing, education and entertainment in the Central European region.

Alfred V. Studio Missions

Mission No. 1: Create great games for casual and hobby gamers, businesses and publishers.

Mission No. 2: Provide best consulting on game-based marketing and gamification to the business customers.

Mission No. 3: Offer efficient, fun and fulfilling coaching workshops and teambuildings based on edutainment.

Mission No. 4: Create a great blog about games.

About Alfred V. Studio

Alfred V. Studio was conceived in 2002 with a group set to create an educational online game of geography and economics. The next year I have held first game-based coaching I (Alfred Vesligaj) have prepared for one of the largest companies in Slovenia as Informacijski atelje. The group was then always later consisting of top experts on various fields and has been changing ever since. Our coaching business took of really well in 2007 when I have started lecturing for the Middlesex University, London. I was teaching “Media Production Management” students in the “Techniques of Creativity” class for four years.

While I published my first game already in High School, back in 1992, and our studio started producing marketing games in 2005. Later my first authored board game “Walk to Jesus” was published in 2013. But from then on we managed to get 7 board games and one mobile game published. And – an honourable mention – in 1995 I have written a script for a big budget computer game “Shattered Reality”.

Alfred V. Studio Team

While obviously Alfred V. Studio is my undertaking, it was always a group of top notch experts from the fields of IT, design, education and of course games. Most of us still cooperate on various projects.