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ByAlfred V.

Typhoon Bopha (worst this year) vs Alfred V.


Typhoon Bopha coming my way; (map from Weather Underground)

4th, 11 am I hardly got here and im alredy hit by the typhoon called Bopha (meaning “flower” or girls name)! It is forcasted to be the strongest this year and its center will pass right over Central Visayas where i am. I was adviced not to go out, though today rain is light and winds are moderate, but tomorrow the eye of the cyclon will be right above us.

Today we already had a blackout in the morning and internet connection is falling out all the time. Worst is predicted for tomorrow, even floods, though winds should not exceede 100 km/h. Will keep you informed of the outcomes … hopefuly 🙂

4th, 6:30 pm We are out from another blackout. All is quiet now and the rain has stopped – the calm before the storm. The big one is about to hit us in one hour.

4th, 9 pm Heavy rain struck us at about 7 pm, and ended at about 9 pm. Here at MB’s is always a party while typhoon is raging – so calamities are good for business in Phillies. In fact local westerners were comming here for entire day as if there would be a big soccer match on TV. Lots of food and especialy drinks were served and spirits were high … too high in case of some people – Mike sure helped to it with numerous “rounds on the house” :). In accordance to local laws party ended at midnight and storm enraged again (the later not being decreed by the law).

5th, 2 am Loud noices woke me up; but it was not the storm – two ladies (maybe the term is not used correctly for the case) were quarreling at the volume surpassing by far any of the storm, for the reason unknown to me. Some say it was the effect of the storm and others would argue that it was caused by the booze. This calamity persisted for more then an hour and then all was quiet.

5th, 7 am Bopha was over. Thy sky was overcats but rain and strong winds were over.



Bopha – my first typhoon.

5th Though typhoon Bopha cause 40.000 people to fleed in the evacuation shelters in Southern Philippines and also claimed at least 43 unfortunate souls it came easily down on us on Cebu and Mactan – we had many harsher storms in Slovenia, EU this year. But – one of the major reasons for me to come to Cebu is its position, shielded from all sides by other islands, protecting us from most weather disasters. So it was an easy win – Typhoon 0 : Alfred V. 1.

Afther morning clouds day was sunny and very clean – rain cleansed the air and also washed dust from the roads, so todays walk to the mall was much less dustfull. Also the temperatures were lover.

7th Death toll rose to more than 400 with several hundred still missing! Flash floods and landslides destroyed entire emergency shelters and even a military camp.