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ByAlfred V.

Christmas in Philippines


Maligayang Pasko – Merry Christmas in Philippino

Philippinos are the edge of religious fanatism … though i don’t know on which side :). As the only Christian nation in Asia they have developed strong Catholic identity and Chirstmas is the most important hollyday here. But for someone like me used of thitry + years of snow for Christmas something is just wrong here.

And that is not all – there are no pines or¬†spruces in tropics, so there is no Xmas tree … they just hang lights on any tree available. And – Lord is great – there are no pathetic over-commercialized Santas on every corner. Only shop staff have santa caps.

Anyway Xmas starts here in September! In December everything slows down and at about 15th most things stop, governement office close and traffic runs even slower as usual because of decorators blocking roads and religious processions walking snail-speed on roads – including highways!

Philippinos mostly celebrate Christmas at home, but there are also parties with live bands and fireworks in the cities. Other than some kids throwing firecrackers i must say Christmas was over very quiet and with much less happening as i expected based on months of preparations … maybe they just got enough of it already ;).


It’s hard to find a Christmas motive if you have no snow, pines and Santa in the country … (translation)¬†May each moment of your holydays have a beauty all its own. (Card by Hallmark)