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ByAlfred V.

Land of PHP

Philippines are a dream land for any IT person – here PHP is hard currency 😛 PHP – Philippine Peso.

Today 1 EUR is 52 PHP; but to understand how this country is progressing think about this – 1 EUR used to be 86 PHP (ok, euro is also dropping, but this country is growing – no global crisis here).

Since division by 50 is hard i help me with a simple math trick – first i multiply price by 2 and then i divide by 100 – it is a cheap trick, but i figured out many westerners i spoke with here didnt think of it even if they stay here for a longer period – im so cool, right 😉

Philippine Pesos

Philippine Pesos

Some prices – for your comparison – i will post more at some later time as i get a better grasp of it:

  • tank of 6 liters of distilled spring water 65 PHP (1,3 EUR / 1,6 USD)
  • apx 10 km of taxi ride 150 PHP (3 EUR / 3,7 USD)
  • decent beer 40 PHP (0,8 EUR / 1,1 USD)