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ByAlfred V.

Don’t cry for me, Slovenia


Alfred’s quick geek test

21st and 22nd November 2012 were cloudy, colorless days so i kept excited about going to the sunny Phillies. I packed my backpack with all sorts of electronic stuff – 2 computers, external disc, graphic tablet, video camera etc, and a small coffer with clothes – like a true geek i ended up with 12 kilos of electronic equipment and 8 kilos of everything else for a one year trip to the other end of the world.
My patents were taking me to the airport with the caravan, so i could get some sleep before going up, and we also visited my sister and her family on the way. My little niece had some hard time letting me go, so we made a magic show for the audience of her parents and grandparents for our last play (i thought her how to make a coin disappear, and how to make napkin change color, and for the grand finale, we made her disappear).

Then we moved on to the airfield and parked our caravan on its parking so i could sleep a bit longer. That was a lolable mistake, because sleeping between the airstrip and a major road is an illusion, and so i got up at 5 am with almost no sleep, had my last breakfast 😛 and walked to the terminal. I knew my mother will cry, so i tried to make it as short and painless as possible – a hug and a kiss goodbye, good wishes, another kiss and then straight to the security check.