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ByAlfred V.

Tinunuang nangka

When one comes to the foreign country and wants to taste local cousine, almost everything sounds unknown to them. On another continent one can’t even help themselves with ingreedients, because they sound as allien to our ear as the name of the dish itself.


Tinunuang nangka – unripe jackfruit, cooked with spices in coconut milk. Unusual.

So i got me a nice restaurant and asked a nice girl (named Anne) there to explain me the foods. And as we stopped at tinunuang nangka she said jackfruit. OK, i know jackfruit – first word i recognised, so i tried the dish.

As i was served it didn’t look much apetizing – it is a pinkish mash with grated long white pieces of unripe jackfruit and a few red papper rings halves in it, later i also dicsovered slices of onions and ginger and im sure there was also garlic for Philippinos put it in every food. Ingreedients are cooked in coconut milk. But the taste was uneuropean intersting and not unpleasant, yet not unforgetable. Tinunuang nangka is a light dish, sweet and mildly spicey and makes a good side dish i belive – anyway as it is served in a large quantity i didnt orded anything but rice to it.

Try if you feel experimental about food. Price (tinunuang nangka only): P70 (€ 1,4 / $1,8)

ByAlfred V.

Bangus – the Milkfish

I finaly got me Bangus, the Milkfish (wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milkfish) in traditional restaurant. While this fish are notoriousy bony; more than other food-fish, deboned bangus is mostly sold nowdays. Though milkfish aquaculture has more than 800 years of history it is still mosty based on natural spawning and feeding. This is an ancient fish growing up to 1,7 meters and are important source of food in SE Asia.


Bangus – Milkfish – with unripe papaya. Delightful.

Anyway – i had my bangus grilled (can also be fried, panned, smoked, or dried); here i got it opened and flattened, seasoned with tamari sauce. They serve it with grated unripe papaya, and i tasted pickled ginger with it.

Bangus has a mild sweet-ish taste and tender meet. Sour taste of papaya completes it perfectly and pickled ginger is there for undertone delight.

It’s a must try. Price: P140 (€2,8 / $3,5)