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ByAlfred V.

Bangus – the Milkfish

I finaly got me Bangus, the Milkfish (wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milkfish) in traditional restaurant. While this fish are notoriousy bony; more than other food-fish, deboned bangus is mostly sold nowdays. Though milkfish aquaculture has more than 800 years of history it is still mosty based on natural spawning and feeding. This is an ancient fish growing up to 1,7 meters and are important source of food in SE Asia.


Bangus – Milkfish – with unripe papaya. Delightful.

Anyway – i had my bangus grilled (can also be fried, panned, smoked, or dried); here i got it opened and flattened, seasoned with tamari sauce. They serve it with grated unripe papaya, and i tasted pickled ginger with it.

Bangus has a mild sweet-ish taste and tender meet. Sour taste of papaya completes it perfectly and pickled ginger is there for undertone delight.

It’s a must try. Price: P140 (€2,8 / $3,5)

ByAlfred V.

First time eating local

(this is what was rescued of this post by the autosave at the blackout – now i got my comp back from repairs, and i bought me an UPS and a surge protection sockets :)).


Street food here is worthy of its name – bananas being cooked in brown shugar 3 meters from a high traffic road.

In my area of Lapu-Lapu City there are no regular local restaurants. We are located near an international airport, so restaurants here are also international … and expensive. The other option are roadside street food vendors, but all they sell are meat based foods (me being a vegetarian) – besides all their food is open to the dust and smog from the road – and there is a lot of both here.


The kitchen

Yesterday as i went out of the city, i asked my driver to take me to some nice local restaurant. We took a dirt road and apx 300 meters from the main road came to the large open tavern near the mangrove fishery. There was no sign of any kind (not on the main road exit, nor at the tavern), or at least i saw none. It makes me wander how they get costumers.


Fish being prepared

Fish was in iceboxes, looking fresh and tasted good – grilled with rice (i forgot to take a picture as it looked so good i just digged in right as it was served :). Here they dip everyting in sauce made of tamari (soy sauce), vinegarlime juice and spiced with chilly that i didnt like too much – but also back home i didnt like much seasoning to the fish – fish has a mild flavour that is lost to strong spice. Rice was plain and without particular taste, but fish was delicious and perfectly grilled. Price: apx 200 PHP (€4 / $5).

Added 1. decmber 2012
Today i had the same fish in the fancy mall restaurant in Lapu-Lapu. At first i was surprised that the price was the same – but as i got the dish, the weight of the fish was about three times less and no rice was added … but it was nicely decorated :P.