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ByAlfred V.

Periods of Day in the Philippines

Philippines are relatively near to the equator. Therefore night and day last about 12 hours each all year round. Here in Cebu it starts to dawn at about five in the morning and dusk enters the game at five in the evenening. Transitions last one hour.

Hours of the Day

7am Morning is for me the best part of the day – it is warm yet fresh and almost always sunny and breezy. Plus not so crouded as most people here don’t like to get up early – bad part of it is that not much can be done as everything starts at 9 am here.

9am The sun is already strong (too hot for intensive work or exercise), roads are clogged. Shops and offices open. Take a bottle of water with you.

12am Awoid going out or at least exposing yourself if possible. Everything – roads, buildings, vehicles radiate heat … not to mention the sun :). Offices close for lounch break until 1pm. Min 2 liters of water if you go out.

5am Temperature outside is berable again, but inside houses are hell-hot. Aircon or at least a strong fan and opened window to blow out the heat is necessery. Offices close.

9am Temperature is benign, night life time. Shops close.

12pm Regular night activities stop, general clubs and bars close. Stil there is a lot of late night life activities.


During daytime you are safe everywhere, police and security is omnipresent. Up until 8 pm it is stil safe to walk the streets, but afther that hour it is adwised to take a ride everywhere unles on public places.

I didn’t have any bad experience here, or was even slightly threatened. But it takes only one desperate person in a thousandt to get in trouble. Anayway worst to be affraid of is to get robbed, life is not threatened. That is unless you go to no-go areas; always consult locals about safety and availability of fresh water on your way to avoid dehydration (i drink 5 liters of water per day here).

Never use an outside ATM at night, there is where robbers pray on their victims. I only raise cash in inside bank ATMs at large malls. Also i was warrned about pickpockets on ferry terminals.