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ByAlfred V.

Trip to the Beach


Marigondon Church, Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan

It was my first free Sunday and i decided to take a trip to the sea. As i came out of dense urban area, traffic was light and there was almost no dust in the air. But it was hot as hell. There was a large open church (Marigondon Church) next to the street and service was taking place – on loud loudspeakers, so it could be heard even with the traffic raging. Next I stopped at the coconut stall and tried a local refreshing beverage – coconut meat, water and milk with cane sugar and ice. For my taste it was too sweet, but really refreshing. Price: P10 (€0,2 / $0,25).


Public beach, Mactan island

In about and hour i came to the public beach, only to get disillusioned about my tropical paradise – this was still urban area and place was far from alluring. For someone used to Adriatic or Mediterranean sea, this place was too hot, not shaded and the water was far from clear, so i left.


Philippines are worlds largest exporter of coconuts, but in comparison to other fruits it is hard to get them here.

On my way back i stopped again at the coconut stall and bought a coconut – stall boy chose a good one by knocking on it and then macheted it. It yielded about one litter of delicious coconut water (much better than any from the coconuts i bought at home) and about100 gram of coconut meat. Price: P25 (€0,5 / $0,65). Then i went inside the church (the service was over now). I was amazed by its simplicity yet solemnity.

If it wasnt that hot, and there would be a tracking trail it would be a great Sunday trip / exercise, but this way it was 2 hours of sweating – i drank 2,5 liters of liquids on the 12 km long way and would need another liter to sooth my thirst completely.

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