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ByAlfred V.

House hunting on Cebu and Mactan islands

Yesterday i went looking for a house in the area near Cebu City. I also got my first direct experience of the traffic here, having a local motor bike driver. Chaos of the traffic here actually looks manageable, but i will write about it some other time.

Like in any country rents fall quick with the distance from the city. Still Cebu being the capital of the Visayas (central part of Philippines; besides Luzon in the North and Mindanao in the South), keeps the prices high in entire area. See the approximate trip on the map (map is interactive, you can move and zoom it).

Prikaži večji zemljevid

See some photos of three best dwellings i found (from seven i checked), gallery is below descriptions.

Beach house (first 3 photos) few kilometers further from Compostela – 20 meters from the sea, entrance to the beach is 30 meters away. Starting rent: 25.000 PHP (500 EUR / 650 USD).

Mini villa (photos 4-10) between Liloan and Compostela. In fully protected area of about 200 mini villas, with 2 security guards at the entrance, checking any unknown person or vehicle. Inside is pool and recreational area. Starting rent: 30.000 PHP (600 EUR / 750 USD). For comparison small and barely equipped duplex house complex in Lapu-Lapu City rent started at 17.000 PHP.

Mini villa (last 5 photos) in Lapu-Lapu City. Fine house, but in poor area. Starting rent: 30.000 PHP (600 EUR / 750 USD).

I will add some smaller/cheaper locations as i scout them in the next days.