MB’s Garden Inn

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MB’s Garden Inn

As mentioned in previous post Marlene, the owner, from MB’s picked me with one of their girls at the airport in Mactan. As we were driving down the main road i was astonished – houses and shops looked like in some older suburb of a German or Austrian city – only Philippino style decorated – meaning brightly and contrasty painted and signed. My general perception was: “almost European”. But just a turn to the local road and we came to the hut area – the cross section to the third world. Like the poppies in wheat villas rised above simplest of wood and metal homes, new ones being built all over and empty lots being advertised. I guess in ten to twenty years this place will be high property value district like in any European coastal town, and noone will even remember the huts.

MB’s Garden Inn was at the and of the road inside a decently (in local terms) housed area – a complex of buildings that looks like an organic form of some urban life form, taking shape as it develops around the central point – dining area and bar. But all is cossy and friendly looking in colours and plants used almost as a part of the building itself – a sort of “outdoors inside” – more then less just what the name promisses.
As i have no point of comparisson it is hard to say if my room and bathroom are above or below average, but both are big and clean, and the bed is firm as i like it.
The girls here are nice and friendly, always smiling and laughing, just as expected in this part of the world. Dinner here is almost too european – offering anyting from vienna schnitzel to gulasch – not surprsing though as Michael aka Mike – the owner – is German.

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RandolphPosted on3:48 am - May 5, 2014

Mike is president of Outsiders MC Philippines.
The Outsider Motorcycle Club, also known as the One Eleven Nation, is a “one-percenter” motorcycle gang and an alleged organized crime syndicate with chapters in Austria, Germany, Philippines and Thailand . The club was formed 1973 in Austria. Its motto is “One World – One Vision”.

It is estimated to have more than 150 members in 17 chapters, located in 4 countries. The club considers itself to be an outlaw motorcycle club. The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Austria (Bundeskriminalamt) and the Philippines (NBI) have named the Outsiders an “supporting outlaw motorcycle gang for the hells angels” in connection with their long lasting friendship and support for the Hells Angels in Austria. The Hells Angels is the dominant “one-percenter” motorcycle club in Austria followed by the Outsiders.

Numerous police and intelligence agencies internationally classify the Hells Angels as the biggest of the “big four” motorcycle gangs, along with the Pagans, Outlaws, and Bandidos, and contend that members carry out widespread violent crimes, murder, drug dealing, trafficking in stolen goods and extortion and are involved in the prostitution industry. Members of the Outsiders and Hells Angels have been accused of crimes and convicted in Austria.

    AndrewPosted on5:01 am - Sep 5, 2015

    The same ‘Randolph’ tycoon who lost everything and became one of the comic duo tramps in the 1980’s movie classic ‘Trading Places’ by any chance? (Later to also make an appearance in ‘Coming to America’). You sound just as bitter my friend!

    I concur with Alfred V’s comments regarding experiences with both MB’s Garden Inn and its proprietor ‘Mike’, whom I first met approximately 10 years ago. I found him extremely welcoming and helpful and I have learnt more about the Philippines and Cebu from frequenting MB’s than I could ever have learnt from guide books or the internet.

    It is unfortunate that you [Randolph] have attempted to use Alfred’s article as a means by which to ‘politically point-score’ by raising issues unconnected with the general content of the article. This is a review of MB’s Garden Inn, the standard of accommodation, staff performance and general management – it did not talk about ‘Outsiders MC’ alleged criminal associations and/or the Hells Angels. What’s your point here Randolph? It would appear that you have some personal issues with either Mike the owner, Outsiders MC or ‘Bikers’ in general.

    No one can rely on comments that include the words ‘allegedly’ or ‘our reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous’ as we all know that such articles are 1% accurate reflection – 99% BS! The reality is that racketeering, trafficking, extortion, smuggling and prostitution exists where it is easiest to get away with it – so before you sling your next load of mud at others, perhaps your efforts would be best served highlighting the REAL culprits. For that you need look no further than corruption – which is at the very heart of the Philippines. But you will need to do more than copy/paste to do that!

Alfred V.Posted on11:00 am - Sep 3, 2015

Hi Randolph
I am back to Cebu – sorry i did not answer you before – i saw your comment on my mobile when i was abroad and then i forgot about it.
So do you think they are dangerous? I have never had a bad experience with any member of the Outsider, specially not Mike – in fact he was helping me a lot when i came here and i did not know anything about living in the Philippines.
Did you have some bad experience with him or the Club? Can you let me know more about it?

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