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“Firefighters – The Unsung Heroes” is a cooperative family game. In cooperative games all players play together against the game, unlike in the competitive games where players play against each other.

Firefighters - cooperative family game with a thrilling story

Firefighters – cooperative family game with a thrilling story

About Firefighters

“Firefighters – The Unsung Heroes” is an immersive board game giving players the thrills and the experience of the life of a firefighter. Besides the fun it is designed to teach the players fire prevention and procedures in case of fire. At the same time, our goal is to give them the enthusiasm and respect for the firefighting profession.

The Plot

There is an arsonist in our little town. We have to catch the villain while saving the villagers and their property from the fires.


Players play together against the arsonist (it is a game the concept, not a player). This is a cooperative game, very popular in the last years – players don’t compete against each other, but work together to reach the common goal. Each player is the leader of a team of firefighters with different strengths. They have to make a plan and work together to tackle all goals of the game – rescue the people, extinguish the fires and gather the evidence to capture the arsonist.

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How to play Firefighters

A few captures of the game, so you can get the idea of its richness and simplicity. Also, see the basic firefighting concepts incorporated in easily understandable rules.

Firefighters - fire risk index defines the danger of the fire spread

Fields in the game have various Fire Risk Indexes. The higher the number the higher is the chance that fire will spread.

Firefighters - arson scene, evidence, fire counter

There was an arsonist active at the building No. 9 (right side). There is a piece of evidence (yellow with the matching symbol) and some fire to it.

Firefighter extinguishes the fire

A new fire is threatening the neighbourhood, engulfing also the building No. 13. Tina and her team are already close to this area.

Firefighter movement, action points, protection

Tina moves to the building No 13. and extinguishes the fire.

Firefighters capture arsonist with evidence.

The players have to extinguish the fire at the building No. 9 caused by the arsonist. Then search for the evidence, capture the suspect and send him behind the bars.

Firefighters can be injured in accidents

Unfortunately, Tim was inside the building when it collapsed. Now other players must come and bravely rescue him.

Firefighters Team

Meet the people behind the game.

Alfred Vesligaj

Professional product developer and project manager. He has more than 20 published tabletop products, among them nine for the Talking Tom franchise. He was lecturing Techniques of Creativity for the Media Production Management program at Middlesex University, London.

Dr. Ales Jug

Ales Jug holds Ph. D. from Faculty of maritime studies and transport, Slovenia (2011). He went on to earn a master’s degree in fire protection engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He thought courses in fire dynamics, disaster management, risk assessment etc. at Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (University of Ljubljana) and at Slovenian firefighting academy. He is current chairman of Fire prevention commission at CTIF (International association of fire and rescue service) and president of fire prevention commission at Firefighters association of Slovenia. Dr. Jug is certified fire fighter and senior fire officer. He served as a chairman of Fire protection technical committee at Slovenian institute for standardization. Dr. Jug has supervised and participated in several national and international research projects, supported mainly by European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. He is also a technical expert in European Civil protection team. He presented papers at many research conferences worldwide. He is also author and co-author of two scientific monograph publications. While teaching courses at University of Ljubljana, he supervised more than hundred diploma works.

Dr. Ales Jug is currently pursuing Ph.D. degree in Business administration with concentration on social entrepreneurship at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He joined Becker College as an adjunct faculty in August 2016. Dr. Jug is a co-founder of Institute Be Safe, social enterprise. His current research focus on theoretical and practical applications of cross sector collaboration between social and regular enterprises and the importance of social enterprises within cross sector activities. He is also interested in sensemaking process and industrial and community risks analysis. Dr. Jug has published fire safety and risk analysis related papers in many edited collections and peer reviewed journals, his most recent papers are about social entrepreneurship and were published in several conference proceedings.