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We make games. And we are good at it. We design, produce and execute any kind of games you need: marketing games, educational games, PR games, family and hobby games, tabletop, web and mobile games, teambuilding and party games. All of our workshops are based on games, so we don't teach you but play with you. With more than twenty years IT and games and more than ten years in consulting and marketing, our clients are our best reference. We are so sure in our added value we give you 100% money back guaranty* on consulting, workshops and coaching.


Times change with increased speed. Our expertise can help you be more efficient and reach your goals faster.

Product design

Are you developing an IT or physical product? Conceptualisation, planning and project management are our key strengths.


Does your team need extra tricks in creativity, problem solving or critical thinking? Our internationally respected coaches can help.

Game design

Do you need a loyalty, marketing, educational or other game? Tabletop or software, we are your best choice.


Motivate your team or customers with goals, rewards and growing experience. Gamification is a great tool for increasing personal involvement.


Nothing sums up all our strengths better than teambuilding. Learn, have fun, interact and connect with the help of our great team.

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Are you interested in our services or products? Do not hesitate to contact us ask for a quotation.

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Firefighters - cooperative family board game
ByAlfred V. Aug 21, 2017


"Firefighters - The Unsung Heroes" is a cooperative family game. In cooperative games all players play together against the game, unlike in the

ByAlfred V. Oct 14, 2015

Essen Spiel 2015 – the reflections

Gamer's Christmas - Essen Spiel 2015 (world's largest board game fair) - is over. We came, we presented and we conquered most of what we wanted

ByAlfred V. Jun 3, 2015

UK Games Expo 2015 with Value Ad Games

We have just returned from the UK Games Expo in Birmingham ... UK (obviously) a trip of 4000 km (2500 miles) and so many adventures we could make